Lakeside Construction Advisory Committee (CAC)


Construction Advisory Committee— CAC

 What is it? What’s the purpose?

  • The CAC is a group of volunteer Lakeside community members who were selected by the Principal Advisory Committee through an application process.
  • The purpose is to serve as the liaison between the DCSD and the Lakeside High School/LHS community related to the planned 750 seat expansion at Lakeside High school and educate our Lakeside Community on the facts related to the expansion through monthly meetings and forums for the community to share thoughts, concerns and ideas.
  • The CAC also works with the DCSD to ensure a logical process occurs to make the best decision for OUR community
  • The CAC has no decision making authority.

Facts about the expansion:

  • The expansion will accommodate 750 ADDITIONAL students above current official capacity of 1796. Once completed, the total capacity will be for 2500 students. The County has indicated that after the expansion the school may still be over capacity.
  • The location of the new wing is yet to be determined.
  • The expansion as defined by DCSD does not include plans for additional locker rooms and PE spaces, Fine Arts spaces, or administrative and counseling spaces to accommodate the additional students and the staff needed for the increased enrollment.
  • The feasibility studies (the studies to determine if the expansion is a viable option) on traffic, safety, sewer and programmatic adequacy are currently in process.

Facts about the current state of Lakeside.  

  • We have capacity for 1796; we are currently at 2111. We currently have 11 trailers located on the tennis courts. There are roughly 12 “floating” teachers with no assigned classrooms. Every inch of space at the school is in use. There are no common areas for students to gather, the cafeteria, original hallways and stairwells are packed during classes changes, and there are no office spaces for teachers to complete work.  
  • Lakeside, due to its unique geography, has the same access as a single family home with one ingress and egress. Traffic in the area is at an all-time peak due to the overcrowding.
  • There is zero parking for visitors and extremely limited parking for students at Lakeside.  Parents must park on neighborhood streets to attend school functions and/or conferences.  Some parents were unable to attend Curriculum Night due to the parking shortage. The CAC must host meetings offsite due to space and parking limitations at the school.
  • With our expanded student numbers, we are now in the 7A Athletic Division, and must compete against schools with state of the art athletic facilities.  The athletes at Lakeside must share pool, field and gym space with students from many other schools.  It is very difficult to compete at this highest level with limited access to space and resources, and no funds to support them. 
  • In 2012, DCSD completed our fabulous Fine Arts building along with a classroom addition.  The Drama program, music and visual arts programs have now become huge community assets.  
  • Despite the many challenges our school faces, we are proud of the hard work of our administrators, teachers, staff and students. We continue to focus on excellence and academic success.

Other Info:

  • The PTSA and Parent Advisory Council are both officially opposed to the expansion.
  • The PTSA and the PAC believe we need to spend the SPLOST money to improve Lakeside.
  • Improvements include:  Upgrade and renovate the 1960’s era heart of the school (everything from creating more access points to installing fire sprinklers and better lighting as well as more offices for staff and teachers to use).  Demolish the 50+ year-old pool and rebuild.  Create new practice fields for football, soccer, and Lacrosse;  Expand the Counseling suite to house resources for the students at Lakeside such as mental health specialists, etc.; Expand seating for cafeteria (provide covered outside patio, etc); replace tennis courts; Remove trailers. Find a solution for the narrow hallways and stairwells in 1960’s building.   

Next Meeting:

  • Our next CAC meeting is Nov. 16, Friday, 7:30AM at Oak Grove United Methodist Church in Room 104.  Plan to attend to have your questions answered and concerns voiced.  If you would like to speak, please send an email to the LHS CAC.
  • Contact to ask questions or provide feedback

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